Waka Ama -By: Angela Dunlop, Year 7.

On Wednesday I felt excited!  We were going to Waka Ama. Off we went at Lake Aniwhenua. It was a beautiful day .

As we got to Lake Aniwheuna  we all got into our Togs and we took the waka off the Trailer. They were so hard to lift but we got them off. As we were getting into the water Whaea Wiki asked, “Who all knows how to row a waka? Some people knew because they have done it before and some people did not know what to do.

Whaea Wiki said, “Everybody go put a life jacket on an get a paddle and we can have a go to see have good we are.” Then she said, “Put your left foot in front of you and your left arm in the air with the paddle in your left hand and pretend we are in the water.”

As  we hopped into the waka, Roimata  and Daisy- my two best friends- were the callers of the waka. They had to count to -10 and as they were saying the numbers one by one our paddles were going in  the same mode as the numbers were. We paddled past 4 of these buoys in the water. If you didn’t know there is a taniwha below Lake Aniwhenua somewhere deep under the Lake.

Whaea Wiki asked,” Who is confident and raze your hand in the air if you know how to swim.”  We kind of all knew how to swim. Roimata and Daisy were the first to jump in the water then it was me and Rangi. ”Splash!”,  I jumped off the waka and into the lake. “Brrrrrr! It was so cold!  We had a swim for like 3 minutes then we clambered back into the waka and we rowed  back.

Then Whaea Wiki said we have to go get the other 3 boys who want to jump out for the other boys.  “Yeah me.” goes Rangi ,Patrick and Teina.  Off they went to go get something to eat and have a shower.

So what we did was we went around the whole lake but we had a swim in a different spot. It was warmer now that I knew how cold it would be. We were in the water for a bit longer than last time- for 6 minutes. Well then we rowed but again at home time we had to stay on the shore and help put the waka on the trailer.  After we put them on the kids wanted to have a swim again but by this I wasn’t in the mood to have another swim. I was starting to get too cold, so I  dressed and watched the other ones swim.

I had my lunch while I was watching them for 1 hour  then they all started to get out because it was too cold.

They all  dressed and we went back  into our vans and off we went to a takeaway shop and we had some fish and chips.They were so nice and  yummmy. Some of the kids had money and got what ever they wanted to get. Thanks For The Day Mr Jones.

By: Angla Dunlop xx




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  1. Mike Jones 24 October 2014 at 1:04 pm - Reply

    This is a very good report on our Waka Ama day. Well done Angela!

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