The magic bird By:Ataahua 27.7.15

Once upon a time there was a bird named Ruru.

She was a very helpful to all the bird families but she also wanted to be helpful to the human race. But her family said,  “You can’t be a help to the human beings.”

So she began to cry and cried out, “How I wish I was a beautiful  bird that had very colourful wings and a purple fan tail and I could..”  As she was saying that a shooting star came past that could help  the human beings.

Ruru began to wish she didn’t notice the shooting star. After that ruru went to sleep.

The next morning when she said good morning to her family they were so surprised because that her wings were very colourful  and her fan tail was very dark black. As they were saying she flew off to the closest store and looked in  the window and she was so pleased with her new tail and wings and that also meant she could help people but when she saw they didn’t need the birds help.

She was so sad and heart broken she turned into a golden statue. So they picked up the golden statue and carried it into a marae and gave it to the old lady and she put it on top of her marae.

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  1. Gini Shepheard 19 November 2015 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    kapai te korero kotiro, Ataahua

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