The magic Bird By:Carly 27.7.15

Once upon a time there was this very lonely tui.  The tui’s Name was Henry. He  was looking for a friend out in the park but no one wanted to be Henry’s friend.  Then there was his little bird. It was a swallow.This little swallow  wanted to be friends with Henry . So Henry and the swallow became the most tight friends. Suddenly There was a shake in the ground .It was an Earthquake!

The Tui and the swallow quickly went into the bushes and in between the birds the ground cracked !!! They were Split away from each other !!

The Next Morning the tui woke up and could not find the little swallow so he became very lonely. Henry the tui just fluttered his wings and flew off and went looking for the swallow.

There was no sight of the swallow so Henry stopped looking and his time came and he flew to the humans.

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